Thursday, July 3, 2008



It's Max again. Adam and I were just talking and he said that it was nice to have the parts everyone was playing on the blog last year and suggested I do it again, so here we go:

Nathan Birnbaum: an Ex-member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Matthew, a former Secretary of State, Aftab

Baize Buzan: Phoebe, Michelle, Caroline, Momsie

Grace Cannon: Rima, Another former Secretary of State, Linda

Adam Colton: an ex-member of the Irish Republican Army, an Archbishop's Envoy, Dermot

Nijae Draine: an ex-member of the National Resistance Army, Uganda, the wife of a former Secretary of State, a Bethlehem schoolgirl, a Waitress

Madeleine Joyce: Edna, Nodira, Ingrid, Marjory

Mike Marshall: a Colonel, an ex-member of the Ulster Volunteer Force, John, Jad

Jamie: an ex-Ambassador, an ex-member of the Kurdish Workers Party, Faiser

That's it! Everyone shows up in Wyoming today and we leave for the artists' colony on Monday! We've very excited.

See you soon!

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