Sunday, July 20, 2008

Equality of the Sexes

Hi! This is Chris DiGennaro Vassar '09, also known as the Great Enabler. I'm going to be doing light design for Talking to Terrorists with this outpost of extraordinary artists.

It couldn't have been more than a minute since I had walked off the plane that I was looking down a long staircase at my new friends Hilary and Becky. They had traveled 2.5 hours to the airport at Billings, MT to pick me up only to immediately bring me back to UCROSS in Wyoming. I felt like a celebrity. B and H filled me in on their way back. Their excitement for the project really got me antsy to begin work, or at least to eat the UCROSS food they'd been expounding about. As we zoomed down into Wyoming, the skies slowly darkened, offering us a gorgeous pink sunset, heavenly clouds, and an all-encompassing darkness by the end. Out here it didn't get completely dark until maybe 9 pm. Whoa. While the open roads were dark, the plains not far away flashed with sporadic lighting. It was scintillating.

After being freaked out by an owl flapping near the road, we pulling into UCROSS and everyone was there. Honestly, I couldn't have imagined or prayed for a warmer welcome. How wonderful it is to see old friends in a completely different area of the country. Equally wonderful is meeting these non-Vassar people who make you realize how powerful art is to bring people from the great expanses of this world together. Speaking of equality, we are now 6 males, 6 females, so anything can and will happen.

Yesterday we encountered the thrillingly quaint Carriage House Theater where we will be performing our first run. They have an extensive costume closet and an interesting backstage area. I'll let someone else gush about this because this post is getting long. Oh yeah, we tried to make cubes.

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