Friday, July 4, 2008

greetings from Wyoming!!!!

we are HERE!! I am sitting at the Cannon's kitchen table in Big Horn, Wyoming with Jamie and Nijae. I think I can speak for all of us when I say how absolutely marvelous it is to finally be here together!

7 of us drove from Denver to Big Horn yesterday, about a 6 hour drive up the entire length of Wyoming. Jamie and I each had the experience of driving the fabulous No Fog West van, a vision of white as it tore up Interstate 25. we christened the van with a dashboard hula girl but have yet to name it. we'll keep you posted.

about 30 minutes after we arrived (hugs and hysteria and happiness abound!) we all piled into Adam and Grace's cars and drove about 30 minutes to Ucross, where we will be living and rehearsing as of Monday. the Ucross Foundation hosts a big 4th of July hoedown every year, complete with a live band and ice cream cones and elephant ears (a HUGE piece of fried dough, which Jamie and I most willingly split) and fireworks and it was a BLAST! tonight we are doing some more fireworks and 4th of July festivities in Sheridan.

hope you are all having a happy holiday!


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