Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hi Family and Friends!
Unbelievably, our residency is half over. Well, its only been a week and a half, but to me, time seems to be going unusually quickly. Our weekend was very up and down (like the Big Horn Mountains!). We awoke early on Friday and marched in Sheridan's Rodeo Parade. Warming up next to us were a many, many people in pig costumes. At first I was sad that we were not also into pink, fluffy onesies, but I think we looked pretty smart in matching red t-shirts sandwiching Madeleine's red car. Susie provided us with bandannas and cowboy hats and we were on our way. Mostly it was a positive reception, especially when we passed Grace's family and friends. But as we passed, one woman glared at me and said "no talking to terrorists."

And now I will leave you in suspense and with this photo.

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