Friday, July 4, 2008

Manager Madness

Hello all!!

Managers unite! Hilary and Becky here, No Fog West's Stage and Road Managers, sitting in the Cannons' beautiful living room in Sheridan, Wyoming. We have been in Wyoming for two days now, and have been loving every minute of it. After arriving, we headed straight out to the UCROSS foundation where we will be rehearsing and staying starting on Monday, for an Independence Day Eve Ho-Down. Madeleine and Grace got jiggy with an adorable old man, but we all joined in with the sweaty dancing. After dark, we watched a fireworks display with musical accompaniment. Strangely, The Who's "Pinball Wizard" was mixed in with "Proud to be an American" and Toby Keith's heartwarming song about shoving American boots up people's "asses." Maybe they were paying homage to our British past?

For our first night here, the two of us decided to sleep outside -- our first managerial meeting of sorts. Everything thought we wouldn't be able to make it outside, but we did! We had a wonderful time in the tent enjoying all of the wonderful Wyoming sounds around us, while everyone else slept in warm beds inside the house. Around 8 am this morning the tent became a sauna under the rising sun, and so we headed inside to sleep for another two hours.

Nijae interlude: "I'll write later...I'll write a poem..."
Jamie interlude: "Word."

Then this morning, we celebrated America's birthday by going on a pilgrimage to one of our sacred institutions, Walmart. There, we funded one of the most liberal and American businesses of our society by buying ingredients for baking cookies and brownies for a Donor party we are having tomorrow evening at the Cannon's house.

Tonight we are heading to another ho-down in Sheridan, Wyoming to celebrate the 4th. We are bonding as a company and have grown incredibly close already. Our first production meeting is on Sunday, and Monday we will have our first read-through of the show. Excitement is building!

Talk to you soon!
Much love,
Becky and Hilary

Here are some photos of our antics so far:

Leaving Denver!

Nijae and Baize at the ho-down.

Getting jiggy!

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