Sunday, July 1, 2007

gypsies, tramps and thieves and abstinence before marriage

Well, last night the majority of The Laramie Project cast experienced an event that none of them had ever dreamed of witnessing; the Miss Wyoming pageant. With myself, Grace, performing as Cher and Michael Marshall as a member of the rat pack, we were well supported. After a successful first off-book run on Thursday night, we rewarded ourselves with an eclectic mix of Las Vegas performances on the stage of the Wyo Theater. Though odd at times, the overall experience added a strange and interesting dynamic to the out-of-towners' view of Wyoming culture. As the list of bizarre escapades lengthens, our journey is continually taking new turns and teaching us new lessons every day. The combination of late nights and emotional rehearsals leaves us all exhausted every night, but we get up again every day ready to do it again.

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