Monday, June 25, 2007


Hey everyone, it's Angie.

Right now I am waiting to go to lunch with an amazing person named Samy who I have gotten to know here in Sheridan and who is leaving for Africa today! But I wanted to let eveyone know how our trip to Laramie went. Luckily the whole cast was able to go, as well as Samy who let us stay in her apartment near University of Wyoming in Laramie.

We left around 8 am on Saturday and were exhausted when we got there. So we collapsed on Samy's floor. After a brief breather we went to lunch at a Mexican place that was very tasty. We went to Walmart, which is mentioned in the script, and got some supplies. We drove around Laramie itself and saw many of the places metnioned in the play, although some are different now. Samy gave us a tour of the university campus; while there we visited a resource room that was set up after Matthew Shepard was killed. Spectrum, the gay/straight alliance was kind enough to allow us to use the room and look at their library collection.

We saw the University Inn (also mentioned in the play) and the Fireside (the bar that Matt was last seen in. It has since been renamed). We wanted to drive out to the fence where Matt was tied but didn't know where it was. We used textual clues. We still didn't find it. But we did find Vida Voo (I'm sorry, I have absolutely no idea how that is spelled.) It is an absolutely gorgous spot out past the Walmart. A huge rock formation is there and the view is beyong beautiful. It was simply breathtaking and I feel like going there made the trip worth it. It gave us perhaps somewhat of an idea about what Matt may have seen.

The next morning we went out as a cast and had brunch; there was a cycling race happening so many of the roads were blocked. It was helpful just to see what the town we are portraying actually looks like.

On the drive home we decided to stop in Bosler on the way home. It is a small town about 20 miles from Laramie. One of the people mentioned in The Laramie Project is a man named Doc O'Connor. We saw a building with a sign saying Doc's. So we figured, how many Doc's can there be? So Mike, the cast member playing Doc, called him up. He graciously talked with us in his house for a few hours. It was quite an experience to meet him after working on the play.

So there you have it, a shortened version of our very exhausting and interseting two day trip that felt so much longer. It was great and really fun to just hang out as a cast.

Off to lunch. --Angie


jordan said...

I think angie pretty much summed it all up. It was such a great experience just to see all the places from the play. It kind of adds a reality to it all.

I think the experience overall will add an emotional depth to the piece that none of us saw coming. We're beginning to get so close to the characters as if they are one of the group (especially doc).

But I have to admit meeting doc o'connor was the highlight of my trip. To meet someone who actually knew Matthew Shephard, Aaron Mckinney, and Russel Henderson was just amazing.

To think about how much Matt's death has impacted doc is insane. You look around his house and it's filled with all the different productions of the laramie project and tapes of his interviews and old magazines with matt on the cover. I think it might be a little bit because of Matt that doc donates so much money to different charities.

But anyway I'm going to stop rambling, just wanted to say how much I realy appreciated the weekend.


Susan said...

Angie...just for your info, it's spelled Veedauwoo. And it's a very powerful place. And you obviously felt that. Good for you.