Monday, June 18, 2007


Hey, it's The Laramie Project's director, Max, with our cast list! Forgive me for any typos in this post; I'm exhausted from over two hours of decision making.

The cast will be as follows:

Angie Prichard
Marge Murray, Romaine Patterson, Zackie Salmon, Sherry Aanenson, Waitress, Barbara Pitts, Juror, Newsperson and Narrator

Grace Cannon
Reggie Fluty, Jen, Anonymous friend (male or female), Kristin Price, Amanda Gronich, Eileen Engen, Judge, Skinhead, Newsperson and Narrator

Madeleine Joyce
DJ Shadow, Catherine Connolly, Stephanie Mead Johnson, Trish Steger, Mormon home teacher, Leigh Fondakowski, Foreperson, Newsperson and Narrator

Christine Hottinger
Aaron Kreifels (male), Alison Mears, Sherry Johnson, April Silva, Baptist minister's wife, Email writer, Juror, Bailiff, Company member, Newsperson and Narrator

Anne Gordon
Rebecca Hillicker, Zabaida Ula, Shannon (male), Tiffany Edwards, Lucy Thompson, Judge, Company member, Newsperson and Narrator

Adam Colton
Rulon Stacey, Matt Galloway, Father Roger Schmit, Russell Henderson, Governor Geringer, Conrad Miller, Kerry Drake, Moises Kaufman, Cal Rerucha, Newsperson and Narrator

Mike Marshall
Reverend Fred Phelps, Dr. Cantway, Doc O'Conner, Harry Woods, Rob Debree, Andrew Gomez, Murdock Cooper, Gil Engen, Andy Paris, Juror, Newsperson and Narrator

Austin Bramwell
Baptist minister, Aaron Mckinney, Jedediah Schultz, Greg Pierotti, Sergeant Hing, Matt Mickelson, Juror, Newsperson and Narrator

Jordan Coffey
Dennis Shepard, Doug Laws, Jonas Slonaker, Jon Peacock, Bill Mckinney, Priest at funeral, Philip Dubois, Stephan Belber, Juror, Phil Labrie, Newsperson and Narrator

YAY! I am incredibly excited and anxious to begin working with such a talented cast! Our first rehearsal went very well and I'm impressed by each of our member's acting and willingness. I hope they are all happy with my choices.

I love you all.

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Gayle said...

It sounds like a great project and I'm still wishing I could get out to see your performances. No doubt your summer will be busy and exciting. Thanks for blogging so we can share your experience in some degree. Gayle