Friday, August 8, 2008

The Salt Lake experience

Hi readers,

Tomorrow night is our last night here! We have averaged around 20-30 people every night, which is both lovely, since many of our friends and family have come out to support us, but also a little bit frustrating, since we do not seem to be attracting very many people who don't personally know us. And those individuals who do come generally do not stay for the talk backs afterwards. I was hoping with all the great publicity we have been getting, we might exceed my expectations for the number of audience members, but my optimistic side has been disappointed. Maybe this Saturday night, we will be greeted with a great rush of people at our doors. I just wish we had more time here to build a momentum, sneakily worming our way into every aspect of Salt Lake life. But thank you so much to everyone who has come and to the wonderful, welcoming community we have found here!

Yesterday, a group of us journeyed down to the Great Salt Lake and the Spiral Jetty (by Robert Smithson). The water looks like a unicorn's fantasy- a beautiful pink surrounded by crystalized salt in perfect geometric shapes. Unfortunately, the tide was low and the sand covered by sharp salt (it felt like walking on shards of glass), so we did not get to do too much floating and swimming. However, it was great coming back feeling the lazy exhaustion of spending a day at the beach.

I wanted to include a link a blog that has eloquently captured the spirit of our play. Thank you so much for writing about us, Davey! Check it out at


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